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Heavy combat always crashes. Status of MoltenVK?

I love this game, and everything in it worked beautifully on my Macbook Pro for the first few mo. Roughly two years later, I still do daily crafting, basic questing, housing, cards etc, but can no longer engage in serious combat. I once trouble-shot the problem into apparent Oblivion until the Catalina–>Big Sur update brought the problem back. "MoltenVKQueue-0-0-1.0-Dispatch" seems always to be the culprit, and in over a year, nothing has changed. I presume that ZOS has stopped Mac support since.


All bets are off in PVP, no dungeons unless I want to *** off other players, even busy wayshrines and mob combat are iffy. I have completed harrowstorms by firing into the mess and immediately averting my (camera's) gaze, yet still crash frequently. Not sure if turning/running away does anything, tbh. I associate the problem with large, flashy, multiplayer and/or multimob activity.

Most complaints regarding Mac crashes specific to MoltenVK happened during wayshrine travel and Murkmire (the dream cave quest was bugged to death for me, too). But why would I persistently crash during combat? ESO renders way better on my mac than on my husband's PC, yet has become virtually unplayable while he storms dungeons with little issue.
Edited by Stille_desAethers on November 30, 2022 5:32PM
  • Stille_desAethers
    perhaps a clue: when I try to run ESO in safe mode, it immediately crashes with the error message that my Vulkan support is insufficient or nonexistent.

    I can easily run ESO in non-safe mode, only to crash during the above-mentioned combat situations.

  • Stille_desAethers
    i am also aware that a new version of MoltenVK was released in October; is it necessary to download and/or arrange it to a particular folder?

    and yea, i'm posting this in two threads because i still have no answers for this, specifically. just yelling into the abyss.
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