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Xbox NA - LF casual friends to play with

Soul Shriven
Platform - Xbox
Server - NA
Time Zone - EST

My normal play time varies as I have a kid and pets who require my attention, but I play anywhere between 9am - 9pm. I don't do a lot of group content outside of puging normal random dungeons, and trial runs with one of my guilds. I love running dungeons and want to get into more vet content for the achievements, both with dungeons and trials, just not really into all the problems puging vet content comes with. I have never done anything PvP wise besides puging battlegrounds long enough to get my plar healer barrier unlocked, but I am interested/willing to learn how to make a good PvP build as well as how to actually do PvP if anyone is willing to teach.

I'm usually quiet and don't talk much at first, but I'm always happy and willing to help with anything that anyone needs help with. I main as a Healer, but can DD and I have just started learning how to Tank. I have a mic, and I'm willing help anyone of any age and level of experience with the game. Just PM me for my Xbox and/or discord info
Xbox NAAlways down for some dungeon runs
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