Official Discussion Thread, "Get a New Mount and More with the 2022 Black Fredas Special Bundle"

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Get a New Mount and More with the 2022 Black Fredas Special Bundle"

"Pick up 2022’s Black Fredas Special bundle today and get your hands on an assortment of useful items and a brand-new mount!"
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  • FluffyBird
    Ah, here it is
  • SammyKhajit
    This one likes elk mounts but that one looks a bit ill. Maybe it’s the lichen/mossy colouring….
  • BerylBones
    The riding lessons you get in the package seem to be character bound. Can't put them in the bank to use on a different toon, which is really frustrating if the toon you buy it on is already maxed on mount training.

    Nevermind, you just have to open the container first. Ignore me :D
    Edited by BerylBones on November 25, 2022 8:59PM
  • joergino
    You need to open the bundle with the riding lessons. The container can't be stored in your bank, the actual lessons can.
  • M_Volsung
    Dual mount dwarven spider when?
    "In the Deep Halls, Far from Men;
    Forsaken Red Mountain, Twisted Kin;
    Hail the Mind, Hail the Stone;
    Dwarven Pride, Stronger than Bone"

    —Dwemer Inquiries I-III, Thelwe Ghelein
  • FluffyReachWitch
    I like the elk mount, but I have a question. Are the antlers intended to glow brightly? The preview pic looks good, but in game the antlers are very bright in the daylight and they glow in dark environments.
  • Hexvaldr
    Tbh as a long-time player I find this Black Friday deal to be lackluster. Would be nice if they gave us a coupon to use on one crown store item or something like that.
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