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is The Tribunal in ESO?

I've been very interested in learning about The Tribunal I keep hearing about them here and there all the time. I just read a brief summary of them on the wiki and I coulda sworn I saw Vivec as part of Morrowind DLC..(havnt gotten that far yet)
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  • colossalvoids
    They're all in ESO, you will meet all of them personally at some point in different quest lines.

    Would recommend playing Morrowind also if fancy, but if that's too old already for some it's safer to wait on Skywind project to finish their work bringing it onto more fresh engine.

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  • Soarora
    The person talking in the Morrowind DLC trailer is Vivec! You can find him in Vivec City in his canton and interact with him through the main quest there or just chat, he sticks around. Sotha Sil you can find by doing the Clockwork City quest but keep in mind he does not stick around like Vivec does. Almalexia is in the Mournhold, I believe the main quest. She can be found at the Temple during a part of the quest.
    If you want to learn more I recommend UESP, if you haven’t been there already. The lore on the Tribunal is very deep with twists and turns.
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  • Dr_Con
    Yes, and in Deeshan I decided to
    let Almalexia's temple remain overrun by daedra because she's a stuck up s'wit
  • Nestor
    Morrowind and its Expansions have a better Tribunal Story and Lore. Makes sense as they are kind of central to the Story. However all the books that talk about them should be in this game. If not the Imperial Library Website has them.
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  • Stinkyremy
    Almalexia is in Mournhold, part of the main zone quest
    Vivec is in Vivec in Vvardenfel, part of the main quest of Vvardenfell (morrowind DLC)
    Sotha sil is in the clockwork city, iirc you only actually see him at the end of the main story quest of clockwork city DLC. He made the clockwork city.
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