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An option for open plots

Currently when you buy a home, the option is to buy it furnished or unfurnished. Personally I've never had much interest in the few bits of furniture you get with the furnished option.
So, why not instead have the option be to buy the property with or without the structure!
I see lots of people requesting more open plots like MoonSugar. Surely this would be an easy option for devs as there must be a point in the design of a home where they have built the land, rocks, trees and features but before they add the house model?
Would you prefer this option over furnished/unfurnished?
All my housing builds are available on YouTube
I am happy to share the EHT save files for most of my builds.
  • Jaimeh
    A third option to just buy the plot would be awesome! This way there's be something for everyone: full decoration for those who like that specific look, no decoration for those who want to place their own, or just the template for those who like building custom structures. I wouldn't even mind if they priced it the same as the unfurnished version (because I guess it wouldn't be in their interest to make it cheaper, since a lot of people love building, and would go for that option). I generally would like more template houses offered, there's so many areas in the game that would be good candidates, especially in pocket planes.
  • swankery
    I would like moar plots or option to remove existing structure. <3 YAS PLEASE Housing Enthusiast! DDA founder/rep/Twitter@Swankery1@Swankery PC/NA
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