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I wanted to know "Breton's origin" rather than Druid's legacy.

I wanted to know "Breton's origin" rather than Druid's legacy.

"People want to believe things which they like, regardless truth or not."
Breton's story is over in this year. It's actually over.
Maybe, no more their story will show up in the future of ESO.

So...happy ending for the Druid people? But I was totally not interested in Druid's legacy.
What I really wanted to know the story was truth of "half blood's origin". And nothing
explained finally in the ESO. (that was good DLC contents as entertainment though.)

Were they blessed people who were born by true romance between Altmer and mankind?
Or, just ancient disgusting evil long-ear noble's "slave" had unexpected children?

I don't know. Maybe, we can find some lore story at the Elder Scrolls wiki page.
But not much official story about that. Some of Elder Scrolls lore has "dark side" like
the Dammer 's slave Argonian.

Personally, I prefer those dark side of TES world rather than shallow happy ending.

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By the way...Dungeon-Meshi(One of Famous Japanese fantasy story comic book) got finale...
Good-bye "King of Monster Eater".
  • LMar
    We pretty much know the "official" origin of Bretons. As a summary Direnni ruled over the humans in the area now known as High Rock and took humans as consorts, their offspring had a rather more elevated status than full humans but not the rights of Mer and over the centuries this breeding led to a half men half mer caste that took over the custodian role of overlooking certain functions in society. Over time as the Direnni were driven back to Balfiera by the advancement of Humans - eg. see battle of Glenumbria Moor and Alessia Order the half-men, half mer offspring took over positions of power and eventually came to rule the area. There's a bit more analysis in various wikis.

    Would have been nice to have something new now too but remember that we get stuff from an unreliable narrator point of view, so it is nice we also got some new lore for the druids and Galen as this was never expanded on before in lore.
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  • Aliyavana
    I don't think if Bretons were a product of consent is something that will be revealed as that would destroy any mystery. It is possible that the Perquisite of Coition is just propaganda meant to demonize the Direnni. Historically speaking, it seems the Bretons were overall fine with their elven masters during their rule, so its possible the Direnni were ok people. We do get a hint of peace with the Manmer Coupled Idol. I'm of the opinion that the Direnni and the Druids got along fine, until the former wanted to establish more and more of its influence over the region.
    Edited by Aliyavana on November 22, 2022 3:44PM
  • joseayalac
    A druid is supposed to be a certain member of society with a specific role in it. Not a whole community of people in which everyone is a druid.

    I really believe that writers dropped the ball with this one, big time.
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