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How do I link a guild house in our Message of the Day? (PlayStation)

Hi guys!

I want to link a guild house in the MoTD on PlayStation. Copying the link I get from linking in chat doesn't work. I bet there's a workaround with some HTML coding, but it isn't obvious how to do it.

ZoS advertised the feature on a forum post about Firesong DLC, specifically stating you can add it to the message of the day.
  • lillybit
    The way I've done it is by sending it to mail, editing the message and copying it. Easier with keyboard but in the text box you can click on the button with the 3 dots on it (on PS5 it's right under the "ABC" button, can't remember exactly on PS4 but it's there somewhere), choose select all and hit "X" and it'll give you the option to copy. Go to the MOTD, click on the 3 dots again and you can paste it in :)
    PS4 EU
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