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Do We Know How Long the Three Banners War Lasted?

I was wondering how long was the Three Banners War? Did it last until Cuhlecan's or Tiber Septim's reign? Or did it end but Cyrodiil remained ununified until the Septim Dynasty?
  • prof-dracko
    It's not clear how long the Three Banners lasted exactly, but at least for 270 years (2E 582- 2E 852), the Interregnum era, there was no Emperor on the Ruby throne recognized by all sides. This lines up with the Cyrodiil PVP, where any character can be "Emperor" until deposed. Cuhlecan ended that period, followed by Tiber Septim. We have no way of knowing, at present, for how long the Three Banners were active forces in the wars.

    We do know the First Aldmeri Dominion had dissolved by 2E 830, since that's when the Second Dominion was established. We can assume that they were ousted from the Banners war, if it was still active, before that point, as Summerset, Valenwood and Elsweyr were independent nations again when the Second Dominion formed.
  • joseayalac
    I always date it's end to match with the end of the Interregnum period, since that's what the war basically is.

    I'd say it ends when Tiber Septim gets crowned as emperor. But I wouldn't be surprised if there were small periods of cease to hostilities in between.

    What we know for certain is that before Tiber Septim's victory there was not a lasting period of peace or stable form of government. Because it wouldn't be referred to as the "Interregnum" if that was the case.
  • Supreme_Atromancer
    I think that equating the entire Interregnum with the 3BW is one way to do it.

    But its hard to see amazing narrative value in these unstable factions persisting for 2 and a half centuries. Especially in the context of a period characterised by constantly-changing alliances.

    There are more interesting alternatives, imv.
    Edited by Supreme_Atromancer on November 23, 2022 5:00AM
  • brylars
    I personally believe the War was in stages. At first it was intense, everyone trying to swoop in right away to claim the throne. Then it leveled off a bit with battles here and there. Each faction gaining and losing ground in Cyrodiil. Finally the factions would control territory but not do much other than have skirmishes here and there. Each would be poised to stop the others from trying to claim the throne but not much else. Kind of like a "cold war."
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