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Looking for a chill guild for group content (PC/EU)

Before I give details, some backstory:

Been since long in ESO I recently started a new Character that fits my play more and at the same time my girlfriend picked it up, so we decided to do all the available content again, in order. We are also more or less roleplaying it. Now, as it is all new to her and for roleplaying reasons, we enjoy the quest and voice acting as you do.
But now I have more chance at group content, for 1) stronger chara and 2) my gf being a healer. With companions we are finally able to do world bosses and public dungeons easily. I never was big or good at such before. And while we managed even do Banished Cells I with it, obviously companions cant handle any instructions (big overside) or even less, complex bosses.
Than I am more than ever intrigued to do actually all that is possible. So we were using the group finder for PUGs and technically smooth sailing on a functional level. Though you never know how they chill those people are and most (understandable) rush thru with or without story or at least not waiting any second. I get that like said, but obviously we want to enjoy the quest too, the first time around, and talking to the NPCs.

Hence why I came here to look if there is any open guild that would take us both who does group content, but enjoys questing like we do or simply let us enjoy it (meaning always the first time around, cause new. even to me often). Note that we might do that infrequent as we do it in order of content.
As we are not diehards, we are mostly fine to do it in normal mode. Group Dungeons is the main thing, but if you do arena and trials as well, it would be a godsend of course.

To us (and our mains): @auburnt_amaranth (Magcro DPS) and @twilightL (Magplar Healer)

(one possible exception, as we are Khajiits I wish I could get the dro-m'athra skin, but I know its a reward for vet MoL)

Thank you
  • OtakuOfMe
    Also just noticed that you get the Beast Personality from March of Sacrificed trifecta. Kinda mean to werewolf players. And I have no idea how much i would need to be carried, but I read people did that, kinda supporting its wild. I mean I would be interested, but such is probably too much ask. I know I feel like an Add to a player who is that OP. And never even attempted Vet, cause I know my skills as autist with ADHD are not exactly prime. xD
    But i felt to make this little "edit".
  • LorienofSkyrim
    Hi there glad to see you and your other half are enjoying the game together :)

    In terms of a guild for Dungeons I am building up one on pc with a big focus on Dungeons (I try to host Dungeons myself at least 2 nights a week). I also enjoyed chilled questing, finishing fargrave at the moment.

    If your interested our full ad link is here so you can see if we're a fit:

    Hope to see you in game :)
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