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Where do you get bone(for woodworking)

Is there a way to farm bone (please no nastiness implied) I want to craft some bows and seems i need bone to craft a bow
  • rhfactor
    Soul Shriven
    I found some in a drawer in Daggerfall castle.
  • CheesyDaedra
    Buy them from a blacksmith or Clothier NPC.
    Do you mind? I'm busy doing the fishstick, it's a very delicate state of mind.
    Buying from clothier NPC or blacksmith like CheesusChrist said above.
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  • Srikandi
    Bone is only needed for the Bosmer racial style. When you find more stylebooks and learn other racial styles, you'll need other style items instead.
  • Naveed
    There always an NPC vendor right beside the crafting station usually.
  • Nadrak
    You can always buy it, or get it from deconstructed items, or find them in cabinets etc.
  • RubyTigress
    The vendors will have any racial motif item required (excluding the books to learn them, which is... annoying)
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