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Timer Bug (frozen and no countdown)

I was just in a ranked match where I was about to win, and my opponent seemed to be AFK.
Then, the timer started to count down until the hourglass went empty then nothing; it never ended their turn (for more than 20 minutes).
I tried to send a whisper to them, but it said "Account not found". So I had to leave the match and quit the game.
My connection was fine as I perfectly saw messages from the clan chat in time.

My Questions are:
- Could this be a new exploit on my opponent's end?
- Is this bug related to the new update?

  • spartaxoxo
    Account Not Found is usually the message I get when someone like logs out or something. Perhaps their game crashed or they rage quit and then it didn't register they had left? Serious bug to be sure, completely changed the outcome of the match
    Edited by spartaxoxo on November 3, 2022 2:01AM
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