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Official Discussion Thread, "Celebrate Tamriel's Social Side (and win) w/ Taverns And Tales"

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Celebrate Tamriel's Social Side (and win) with Taverns And Tales"

"Share tall tales and enjoy good company during the Taverns & Tales sweepstakes and promotion—an ongoing celebration of the social side of Tamriel!"
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  • Lauranae
    well guess i will just watch as you blocked Quebec to participate
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  • Vonkarolinas
    Lauranae wrote: »
    well guess i will just watch as you blocked Quebec to participate

    My guess, it was more to do with local Quebec laws than Microsoft that is keeping you from being eligible.
  • Vonkarolinas
    Now, hows about a little clarification on some of the contest rules. In ever received an email confirming my entry, just the website saying I was entered. So, is there any way to confirm initial entry, and more importantly, bonus entries?

    I ask because in the official rules it says you can earn bonus entries by playing Tales of tribute, but it does not specify if the game has to be against another player or if A.I will suffice. So, how are we to know if we are actually earning bonus entries for the Tales of Tribute games?

  • RoxSn
    Soul Shriven
    I'd be interested in an answer regarding the bonus entries.
    Does filling out the entry once apply any bonus entries earned by spending event tickets?
    It only allows one entry, so that's my guess, but unable to find anything to confirm that.
  • WySoSirius
    Well I guess Australia misses out , but our good neighbours In New Zealand get a chance 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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