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Enchanting leveling

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone,

I'm currently level 36 enchanting and working toward level 50. Is there anyone willing to help me craft glyphs for me to deconstruct? I have tons of runetones etc that I can trade . If no can anybody advise me on the quickest way for me level to 50?

Many thanks!
  • endgamesmug
    Sure i can im on pcna though
  • eteelS
    Soul Shriven
    ahhhh man I appreciate that unfortunately I am PCEU :(
  • katanagirl1
    I just decon the ones I pick up. I think the geysers in Summerset dropped superior grade glyphs for me, they should give greater leveling xp versus the regular white ones if you care to try it.
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    PS5 NA

  • eteelS
    Soul Shriven
    Thanks! yeh i ahve been deconing everything its just real slow now but I am going to try out the geysers for sure!
  • Hapexamendios
    I was recently in the same position, level 36, and I bought some purple glyphs from the guild traders. Cost about 40k on PS4 EU to get to level 50. Don't know of it's as feasible on the PC economy, but might be worth checking out.
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