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Official Discussion Thread, Explorer’s Celebration Is Live Right Now

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Official Discussion Thread for Article, "Get Bonuses when Discovering All of Tamriel during the Explorer’s Celebration"

"The ESO community came together and unlocked 6 days of the Explorer’s Celebration in-game event!"
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  • Grumblestiltskin
    Love this event.

    Edit: I see that Kevin has already addressed the in game event time. Whooo!
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  • RandomKodiak
    Why are the ESO plus players punished for paying for the game? We got a non combat pet. People who do not pay every month got the DLC for free. I am aware if we ever stop paying we now have it but most of the paying player base does not stop once they have plus. So why did we as constant paying customers get nothing for our loyalty?
  • Avandri
    First of all, I just want to say how much I enjoy in game events. They’re something I really look forward to, and I’m glad you have them regularly.

    I recognize that this isn’t the Heroes of High Isle thread, but this is the thread linked in the post which asked for High Isle event feedback so that’s what I’m providing.

    Whether this thread is considered or not, I will continue to look forward to, and participate in events. That being said, I have some thoughts…

    Zone specific events like the Heroes of High Isle start out fun, but grow stale after two or three days. Repeating the same three daily quests, earning the same rewards…all lose their fun factor pretty quickly, especially for long time players. Every zone event has us do the same set of activities, and earn the same types of rewards. This makes it easy to lose interest over time, and it usually kills the market for event-themed motifs, gear, and furniture plans for several months after an event ends, while some never recover (Dremora for example).

    Perhaps using more quests beyond dailies, like side quests or zone story quests for events would help keep it fresh. Maybe allowing us to earn a personality or skin after completing so many quests would be fun too. Also changing up the earnable rewards every year, or adding new rewards like spec scrolls, race/name change tokens, crown gems, crates or giving us the chance to earn extraordinary rewards like mounts would be more motivating (outside the morph pet with event tickets).

    When planning future events, I’d encourage the team to think outside the box. Instead of using the same ‘template’ for an in game event with the same predictable outcome, try thinking about goals first. As a company, your goal is clear - to encourage players to play DLC content. Well, to encourage us to play these zones, (and I’m speaking generally here knowing not everyone will have the same opinion), we want to earn cool stuff that we otherwise wouldn’t get, do fun things we don’t already do everyday, and have an opportunity to make gold in the game. Think about how popular double XP and double gold events are and the population they bring in to the game. That’s because we don’t get those types of rewards but a few times a year, so they’re more valuable which motivate people to play.

    If you can come up with something new and fresh for zone specific events, I believe you’ll see the same outcome as “double” rewards events…a mad dash to the game to earn these special rewards.
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