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I miss Ebonheart Pact already

I started this game a month and a half ago and I've been following @NeoGriz chronological order guide.


I chose Ebonheart Pact as my alliance. I just finished the Main Quest, fighters guild, mages guild, and the entire Pact storyline. I started Cadwell silver and was teleported to Stros Mkai. A bittersweet sensation washed over me as I looked back at all the companions I've fought alongside against the formidable odds.

Stopping the invasion of the Covenant, preventing a Mother's revenge against the Tribunal Gods, saving an entire generation of Argonians, resolving a brotherly civil war, destroying Sinmur and thwarting the Worm Cults scheme, and uniting everyone together on an assault against Molag Bal. I love story driven games lol.

Raynor/Kireth, Walks-In-Ash, Gabrielle Benele Jorunn Skald King, Naryu, Valaste, Varen, Sai, Lyris, Abnur, See-All-Colors, Gadris/Zur, and Cadwell were my favorites.

I will always be Ebonheart Pact. That said, I'm looking forward to experiencing the Covenant's storyline. And the Dominion after that. Then the DLC journey begins.

Has anyone felt similar?
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  • Baconlad
    Uh...after base 5 zones go through craglorn, then silver and gold.

    Then do the zones chronologically until Elsweyr then complete by whichever dlc you want.

    The recurring NPCs remember from previous dlcs
  • Dr_Con
    Praise Vivec! You were there to stop Alexandra Conele from capturing the Coral Heart!
  • SeaGtGruff
    I abandoned my first character partway through the Vvardenfell zone quests because he couldn't stay alive-- totally my fault, since I didn't understand how to level him effectively. My first character in any TES game is really just a "How does this game work?" experimental character, anyway.

    When my second (and now main) character took a boat from Vvardenfell to the mainland, he headed to High Rock and ended up running around Tamriel doing quests completely out of order but having a blast. When he finally finished the Main Quest and started on Cadwell's Silver and then Cadwell's Gold, he discovered he had practically completed them already and had only a few quests to go do.

    When some of my alt characters started to quest, I wanted them to do the questlines in proper order. It was enlightening to do each of the three alliance storylines in proper order, but there was also some strange deja vu as I redid quests that had stuck in my mind from my main character but which I couldn't even remember which zones they'd been in because I'd been bouncing around Tamriel at the time without any rhyme or reason. "Oh, okay, this is where that quest with all the spiders was!" "Wow, this quest seems different when done in proper order, because some of the characters were first encountered in other quests and you can relate to them better if you already know them." "Ah, this is where I first met those annoying mosquito-like bugs!"

    I think there's something to be said about both approaches. Bouncing around all of Tamriel without any real plan was great fun, and filled me with much wonder and excitement as I marveled at all of the different environs. But progressing through the zones more slowly and in proper order helps you understand them more deeply, especially if you're taking the time to read all of the quest-related lore books as you go.
    I've fought mudcrabs more fearsome than me!
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