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Hang the stars in the sky

Now that I can make the night time in my house, the next step will be to decorate the starry sky. I would like to hang bright constellations on it. Not a bad idea, is it? The idea came to me when I saw this statue. And under what star were you born?
  • MafiaCat115
    I'd love to be able to put stars and constellations down as furnishings. I'm a fan of anything celestial.
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  • aipex8_ESO
    Make them HUGE so you can put them high enough so there isn't parallax effect when you walk around beneath them. The comet is too small for that.
  • Tenthirty2
    Would LOVE to have stars and sky as placeable objects!
    I don't know if they could simulate proper movement relative to your character without an actual sky box tho.

    For example, I made an "open-sky" courtyard inside the Hall of the Lunar Champion using a starry sky texture in EHT's build kit.
    So when you walk up the first set of stairs just past the tablet and look up it's a starry night sky. The living spaces wrap around the courtyard, kinda of a U-shaped interior.

    The EHT texture works especially well for this because it also does not reflect light. So the paper lanterns I have hanging across the open "courtyard" only shed light downward, as they would in a real outside area. I think it's a design limitation with how EHT adds the textures, none of the ones I've used reflect light or FX.

    I really love the feel of it, problem is if you move while looking up, the star texture moves with all the other assets of course and really ruins the effect.

    I would sacrifice things to Daedra if it would give me the ability to create a proper sky box, or some other effect to make the sky move naturally in relation to the player.
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