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Playing Together

My wife and I both own a copy of ESO Imperial Edition. While both playing at the same time in the same location, we are unable to see each other. Are we doing something wrong/missing something about playing co-op?
  • Esteevius
    You can right click on her character name and choose an option like "Meet up." I don't remember exactly what its called but it will put you in the same server "instance," since the game is on a mega server, that is actually composed of many small servers that we don't actually select when we create our characters.
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  • ZOS_RobinsonE
    Hello @Grand_Wazoo,

    as @Esteevius said, there is an option that you can find in your friends list to jump at the closest wayshrine to the player you want to join. The option is "Teleport to player" and should be available when you right click the name of a friend.
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  • Grand_Wazoo
    Thanks for the advice. We are now playing together, enjoying the benefits of the Rings of Mara and supporting each other as we quest our way through Tamriel. This game is a lot of fun, especially when you play with someone you can count on in combat, gathering materials for crafting, some quiet company fishing or having some "acting crazy" time.
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