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So, which class did you choose?

  • Eledra
    Well my "poor Altmer girl with staff" is fun, specially if try all thing - most in heal staff (sometime sword/big sword/two sword/bow/des staff) mix armor and meatshield pet + *zap* d-curse and storm armor is funny thing, ofc not funny for poor npc target. >:)
    I hate those gray wings at my back,
    because they gave me too much pains in time of my born.
    But, still i love them,
    because they color is not white or black, but beautiful grey.
    And who i am?
    I am sinner, i am haibane.
  • strelnikov
    During beta I was restoration staff sorcerer all way to 25.. It was strong, This time, Bosmer nightblade currently 28 Bow/dw. Both are super.
    The character is very fun to play.
    If I can keep my hands off it I will try and level up my level 10 resto sorc again, but I keep getting the call of the wild.
  • jhmcclellan3_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I chose Nightblade, because I want to build a sort of anti-hero tank. I want to use shadow magic, siphoning, heavy armor, and hammer/shield to tank. It should prove interesting.
  • reggielee
    nice to see how the poll is evenly split. i thought for sure everyone would go for the rogue-y pvp styly class like in every other pvp game out there.

    I went with templar after messing around with all the diff classes in beta. It is pretty cool healing people on the fly, i feel really needed and appreciated, tho i am pretty squishy. It suits my gamestyle right now tho i usually play tanks in games.
    Mama always said the fastest way to a man's heart is through his chest.
  • B_Mo
    Soul Shriven
    Glad to see a lot of variation here. I went Dunmer Dragonknight using Fire staff and resto staff. I have a lot of flame damage and plenty of cc. I almost think the ranged DK is a bit overpowered until I run into mobs that are immune to my cc. :0
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