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Magdk best race u35/36?

  • gamma71
    I play imperial for the reduced skill costs it negates the skill cost of vamp stage 3. And having 2k extra Stam and health is nice especially way were hybrid driven now.
  • Syiccal
    Yeabi went dark elf in the end for both mag and stam then just used an infused prismatic reduced cost glyph
  • Aces-High-82
    Imperial is a solid choice (6% all cost reduction incl. Roll, block etc). Vamp stage 3 increases all cost by 8%.
  • Vevvev
    Breton works pretty well to for the Magicka sustain, flame resistance for stage 3 vampirism, and Magicka recovery. Probably not meta, but their extra Magicka can boost damage by a tiny bit as well as healing sets that scale off resources.
    PC NA - Ceyanna Ashton - Breton Vampire MagDK
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