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U36 Ruining my sweetroll hunts

By making it so people see what's in my house and such this has completely ruined one of the games in my guild people love the most.

We can't do a sweetroll hunt anymore cause they'll be able to see what it is and if how many well what's the point?
Please make it so there's a toggle so I can set it so no one can cheat or I won't be able to do them anymore.

Please this is the one update to the patch I do not want.

Constantly losing sweetrolls for the good of tamriel.
  • MageCatF4F
    If you feel like it - how did a sweetroll hunt work? I used to set up quests on another person's private UO server a few years back and still try to do that in some of my houses here without much success. My feeling is I need a way to place a reward somehow.

    Do people get a reward of some sort when they find a sweetroll?

    On topic - yeah that change needs a toggle.
  • Spiderg1rl
    They do in fact get rewards. There's a spot prize for finding the special items in that hunt in this case it's the cause of the lost sweetrolls, little Raz and little Kahmira.

    After that the top 3 counts win a prize and if all sweetrolls are found you win some crown crates which by the finish date will have changed to the new ones just announced.

    Please zos don't ruin the game my guild loves and gets great fun out of.
    Edited by Spiderg1rl on September 22, 2022 2:17PM
  • FluffWit
    Forgot these were a thing, one of my guilds did a count the cheese wedges event every week for years. It was very popular. I got to host a couple times and it was really fun setting it up then having them come and hang out while they explored and tried to count the cheese.
  • Jaimeh
    It's really cool that you organize events like these in your house, OP, and it'd be a pity if they stopped happening because of the change. Maybe ZOS can add this feature as an option in the housing tab that has all of the house's info (like if it's a primary, etc.) and players can turn it on or off for a given house, so you could turn it off for your house that has the treasure hunt events. I think it would be better, if you haven't done so already, to leave this feedback in the PTS 36 thread for Housing here, and also go on the PTS and use /feedback to leave the same comment, the message might have a better chance to be seen by the devs this way :smile:
  • Spiderg1rl
    Thank you Jamie I've just posted in there.

    And Fluff they are great and probably one of the best events we do.

    The next one is a pumpkin hunt for October and I'm starting to worry it'll be the last :(
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