Resto Staff Light Attack

Coming from beta the weapon attacks all got some nice polish to their animations/functionality, but I feel like the Resto staff light attack has something of a delay to it. I'm not sure if its the activation of the skill itself, or there's simply an animation delay, but in any case I would like to suggest this get a second look.

Loving the game, keep up the great work guys!
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Alt: Nord Templar Berserker (Rawr) 5M/2H - Dual Wield + Two Hander
Alt: Altmer Sorceror (Pewpew) 7L - Destro + Resto
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    I was going to post something like this but thought I'd bump the already created one.

    The Resto Staff basic attack feels really lame and there is a weird delay or animation when you hold it. I wish they'd make melee versions of the staves. I like the skill lines but I want to be able to melee fight with my staff! Bows and melee weapons are so fun but I feel like the staff attacks need work.
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