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Creating Housing for the Players Guild = Guild House

I suggest developers release a DLC location "Guild Hall" the size of a city with buildings. He is in Oblivion. Tied to a Guild, bought with guild gold.

In the basic version, after purchase, the zone is empty. The guild Master unlocks (builds) knowledge and a castle piece by piece for gold, crowns, vouchers, guild achievements (the guild must have its own achievements). NPC residents are also being bought. Guildhall - the city has the shape of a circle with several radii - the area also increases from the central diameter (a couple of hundred meters) to the maximum (tens of kilometers) A guild that does not want to develop will get a small unlocked area with a minimum of furniture. A fully developed guild will have an unlocked castle area and an area outside the castle, city buildings with a tavern, shops and a fully unlocked display of all items and NPC residents. The flags and banners of the city repeat the heraldry of the guild. The texture of the wall can be changed for currency to the style of Daedra, orcs, elves, etc.

The area is populated by residents, shops with merchants provide goods to Guild members by category: alchemists-alchemy exhibited by guild members in the store, armor, armor, etc. (all goods are those goods that players exhibit, they are sorted by NPC profession categories. There is an Elite Guild Merchant who provides Unique Items for Clan Members' Achievement Points - the Guild coat of Arms for the house, the Guild cape and other unique Guild items. The guild cape now gives a small bonus
  • Hall of Fame, altars and powerful artifacts of gods or princes can be unlocked (depends on the guild theme) Unlocking requires certain guild and player achievements.
  • Guild House Workshop: Network stations require merging into one station, where the Guild Head will "fill in" a new set (configured for a new set) after copying the station to the location.
In order for the Guild Hall to be popular with players:
  • it is necessary to add NPCs with daily guild tasks and guild currency
  • game card tables
  • arena and a small customizable dungeon (NPC dialogues are written manually, and the guild master comes up with a unique story and rewards for completing the dungeon from his reserves).
  • On the territory of the Guild there are also resource extraction points in the same amount as in any starting game zone.
  • The order board and the place to place orders will be the decisive moment for the complete movement of artisans in their guild!
  • A unique stable with a unique horse, sold only for those who are a member of the guild, a horse blanket with the symbols of the guild.

ZOS recommend creating a new topic rather than bringing up the old ones, so I plan to create the same topic once in a certain period. (if I don't leave the ranks of the players)
  • LikiLoki
    Every big DLC has its own holidays. Of course, the Guild House DLC will have its own date in the calendar with daily tasks and rewards
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