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PC/Mac Patch Notes v8.1.7

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v8.1.7 includes some adjustments for the Mara’s Balm item set and one of the boss encounters in Graven Deep, a fix for a UI error that would frequently appear after using the Activity Finder to queue for a dungeon, a fix for Encratis' Behemoth Style Pages so they can now be used, and a few additional smaller fixes. The size of this patch is approximately 119MB.


  • Fixed an issue where a gatehouse fixture could allow you to get stuck inside of it.


  • Graven Deep
    • Zelvraak the Unbreathing
      • Reduced the health and damage from the Flesh Abominations and Flesh Atronachs.
      • Sundered Soul no longer reduces Healing Received, Health Recovery, and Damage Shields in Normal Difficulty.


PvP Sourced
  • Mara's Balm:
    • This set's heal now has a 1 second cooldown and triggers a larger heal when the cleanse occurs.
    • Increased the healing to 1675, up from 951.
    Developer Comment:
    With these adjustments, we've gotten this set back to its original intended design – to offer a steady stream of healing for when an opponent was applying many longer duration effects on your character. Previously, many effects that could come in rapidly – such as ticking effects from ground areas – or snares could build into attacks (like Puncturing Sweeps or the Warmth passive), thus creating the situations where some targets felt as though they could not be killed.


  • A suspect tree near Fort Glademist has been cut down.

  • Fixed an issue where Encratis' Behemoth Style Pages could not be used.

Alliance War
  • Fixed an issue where inactive Battleground weekends would display in the Activity Finder UI while in a Battleground.

Gamepad Mode
  • Fixed a UI error commonly encountered after using the Activity Finder to queue for a dungeon.
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