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Templar clense- extended ritual - is it worth it?

I'm really starting ro think about if this is a must in bar, 5 negs removed and a *** heal..negatives instantly re applied - I'm out 4k mag.
Thinking il just run vigor or bubble instead for the stronger hots.
Anyone have opinions on why I'm wrong here?
Edited by Syiccal on September 18, 2022 7:43PM
  • Cast_El
    Use chanel acceleration to avoid line of sight.
    Then use ritual, then heal yourself, and keep your living dark up all time.
    This is good, use ritual in duel when enemy use curse or purifying light for example
  • Firstmep
    It's an expensive skill for sure, you gotta use it when it matters.
    Removing a few weak dots for example is barely worth it.
    As Castel said, los is your friend, when ppl cant reapply their crap on you, that's when it's best to purify.
    It is, without a doubt, the best defensive tool in the templars toolkit.
  • soniku4ikblis
    I can't run it anymore without gimping my damage or mobility.

    Excellent in a duel, but you won't kill a good player with it on your bar. It is taking the spot of an execute, a mobility skill, or your bubble. If you're not running more than 20k pene, there's no reason to play Plar vs good/skilled players.

    With Templar starving for dps this patch, save it for PVE or a PVP healer where it really shines (like busting into keeps.)

    *ED: Retribution is mediocre in group play. No one really stands in it long enough in a fast paced fight, I'm noticing. And if they do, well it can certainly help some, but then you have to stack other damage with it, like dots, and well, dots are under-performing now. This patch is burst ONRY.
    Edited by soniku4ikblis on September 20, 2022 8:03PM
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