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Cant log into the game

Hi, during the beta weekends (not counting the last big 3) I was able to log into the game with no problem.

The problem started 3 betas ago that I was able to create my character but get stuck at "request charcter log in". I will get stuck there for hours with no progress.

The "problem" was "to many people trying to log in at once" well, actually I solved it using a vpn and login in seconds.

Now the game is officially released and I still cant play, I get the same error.
I dont have enough money to pay a vpn and the free ones mostly doesnt work. The game should work with my normal ISP connection.

So please help? I had similar problems in the past beign blocked by a squid proxy.

Help zenimax please :(
  • dilla65ub17_ESO
    I never had any problems during beta with log ins. But now I seem to have all sorts of problems. I have had the error that to many trying to log on, then wrong mass server which I never changed, to finally that I did not have early access. I have been trying to log on for 2 hours now and still can't get past putting in my name and PW.
  • swansonjp
    Soul Shriven
    I haven't had this issue but from what I can tell their having massive traffic in que errors. When I tried to log in using my VPN it e-mailed me a code and asked to input that information, because it thought I was at a different physical location. Maybe something similar happened but with lag? Not a computer expert but from what I can tell lots of other customers are having issues logging into the game too. I would hold tight right now and hope for the best, and sending in a ticket or something might help to man. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.
  • Pizzathegreat
    Basically what is happening to me is:

    Using normal internet connection, I log in with no problems, go to the character creater/selection and then the problems begins.

    Stuck at request character load till the game give up and say: unknow error.

    Using a random free vpn I cant even pass the first loading screen, i get error 301, etc.

    Using private tunnel I can log in the game with any problems, it log in really fast with no wait/queue. But private tunnel is paid, and is not fair to spend even more money just to play, when the game should run with my default internet connection.

    Just in case I am from Argentina, forgive my bad english :(
  • Pizzathegreat
    still cant make the character load into the game, and now it doesnt even work with vpn... what is going on?

    Help :(
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