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What would casual players want to see more of?

If you're a casual player, i.e. a roleplayer, quester, someone who does housing, etc., which would you rather the devs make more of?

ZOS's target demographic for ESO appears to be the casual player. But character cosmetics are very few and far between aside from same-y body paints that are easy to make and throw in crates. Mounts and such seem to be made targeting PvP players, since that flasy mount is on full display while riding to the next keep.

Though I could be wrong, so I decided to throw this poll together to be sure.
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Vashi, Khajiit IceWarden, Mages Guild Evoker and a simple Khajiit who knows more than she lets on.
Viranyae, Falmer IceWarden, Surviving uncorrupted Falmer and librarian at the University of Reclamation.
Vyvene, Dunmer StamBlade, A bounty hunter of House Redoran. Haven't developed this character yet.

What would casual players want to see more of? 96 votes

New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
laurajfKikazaruchessalavakia_ESOGalendaryl.rasmusenb14_ESOGlassHalfFullVehlirkwisatzflizomicaTreselegantPathkiesoSilverBrideRagnarok0130Lady_SleeplessParasaurolophuscaptainwolfosrobwolf666AstironMarto 78 votes
Flashy glowy mounts that explode when you rear up.
SalamanNZSheridanZenzukiRebornV3xFischblutTyharJ18696FakeFoxDirtyDeeds765WiseSkyACamaroGuyhaelgaanSmokyLucozade85Iron_WarriorJaustinkKilianDermothMaraxusTheOrc 18 votes
  • BlueRaven
    I am in a weird predicament of liking to decorate houses and make my characters look like they fit in the Elder Scrolls world.

    At the same time I have also done some content many casual players would not have experienced.

    I would like more “smaller scale” homes. While I have many, many homes at this point, one of my favorite homes is the “Cyrodiilic Jungle” home.

    I guess of the two options listed above I would go with the more cosmetic items. I personally don’t like mounts that “explode” upon summoning.
  • chessalavakia_ESO
    New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
    My impression is that Crown Crate item releases are aimed primarily at Whales at this point.

    I would guess that while the flashy might have less appeal than some more common items the flashy draws in more $.

    It also can draw in less negative reactions to a degree as less players want them.

    For example, if Veya's hair was a Radiant Apex Reward in the next crate, I suspect people would be absolutely livid.
    Edited by chessalavakia_ESO on September 11, 2022 8:00PM
  • opalcity
    I purposefully go with a subtle mount in cyrodiil so I don't stick out and make myself a target!

    There's a couple of really good ideas going around about gardening as part of furnishing.
  • Dr_Con
    my response talks about hair, houses, and a casino chapter

    My one gripe with updating hair is its impact on performance and how it's tied in with appearance change token at the character selection.

    People want adjustable hair length/fur length/spine length(argonians), I feel this will create visual bugs at this point in the game as hair clips through or interacts strangely with different styles/motifs (not even just the helmet, but pauldrons and cuirasses and their light/medium counterparts as well. Unnecessary dev hours will go into fixing this, and I just wonder what it will do in cyrodiil if the hair winds up having physics that move based on your character movements, leaps, knockbacks, etc, because if they don't do this, then you'll be asking for more of the same- painted on hair.

    I feel that if you want to target the casuals and roleplayers you need to give them a hook to play the rest of the game, and housing incentivizes them to play the game. Someone made a brilliant suggestion recently to make treasure tradeable, then someone added onto that suggestion and said that we should let the treasure unlock certain housing items. I would go further and say that we should do the same with styles, these players play casually but they want their dang motifs- I say let them have it. My casual brain just wants more lore books, or imperfect notes and scribbles written by imperfect people in this world.

    Housing is foreign to me but the building system is great. Many people log in and play the game just to get housing items, I say we shouldn't impede that and ZOS should explore that a bit more.

    My own idea that everyone can enjoy and I would personally pay a chapter to see a world of-
    I thought about casinos in our own homes but figure it'll just result in more criticism, however if it is a core function within the game it would take some gold out of the game and return exclusive rewards. They could, of course, go the RDR2 route and make it barely any money that you can make, or they can go full Fallout New Vegas with it. To make things absolutely clear, I think that this should only exist in a pocket dimension with the most devilish of dremoras and scamps running it, not your run of the mill alcoholic nord or skooma peddling khajiit on nirn, as i feel that would attract too much attention and get shut down quickly.

    The writers need to cleverly reflect real-world practices but have the freedom to do whatever they want. These casino owners should be extremely slimy and transparent about their intentions, educating the audience on what they are doing and how they are manipulating mortals without having to use magic- basically, they can create an impactful chapter by making it a criticism on real-world practices. There's so much they can do- like offer mind altering substances from dark seducers to people who are more likely to keep betting and losing (maybe you even get a rare reward from this that can be traded, or a collectable). Yes, there will be some people trying to spin this, and ZOS/Microsoft would have criticism from misinformed people from Kotaku or Game informer saying they prey on people's addiction with this chapter, but these websites often miss the mark entirely. Bethesda had casinos in fallout and no one batted an eye because they were never presented on a pedestal- they were always associated with antagonism, too much power and fighting for control, and some form of debauchery or shady business.

    I do not think these casinos should be player-run, however, even though it would create hours of fun entertainment and be good for RP, unless the stakes were very low. (I'm talking like tens to hundreds of gold only, in line with quest rewards). The objective of the dremora-run casino should be to take money out of the game and to expose practices that are legal and occur in real life as well, that are so outlandish that we have to create a pocket dimension with no rules, removed from the mortal world to fully explore how depraved it is. I think there should be some risk/reward and very rare items that can be awarded if you win your roll, or even more gold back, but just gotta keep in mind- the house always wins. Perhaps if you lose enough money you can attempt to steal it back. Perhaps you can add a new skill line that is dedicated to cheating the casino, with a new bounty system in this casino, the sky is the limit. Breaking down a casino and educating the players on ways they pull people in, and how dremora exploit people, with constant reminders that are very relatable, may actually help some people dealing with recognizing and dealing with real-life gambling addiction.

    I know this would add nothing to playable race lore, but neither did Fargrave/Deadlands (unless you count the reachmen + longhouse emperors but still, eh.). You would have the opportunity to create amazing and visceral characters with this chapter, which is somehting Fargrave did explore.

    A new dungeon being a heist to repossess seized assets from Nirn or a ledger of people owing money, anyone? I can just imagine a team of Zeira leading the heist, Razum-dar and Gwendis distracting the guards but also reporting to Ayrenn and Ravenwatch (who would be counseling High King Emeric), Eveli pulling off an impossible shot to activate a mechanism, Mirri being your backup saying everything's going to go wrong but she's down for anything, Lyris Titanborn there for hired muscle and eyes for the skald-king, Quen performing near impossible acrobatic tricks to disable a security system while you hold off the guards, Velsa coming out of retirement for the millionth time to provide alchemical support to weaken or knock out some guards, and Jakarn the quick-handed thief attempting to steal a valuable artifact that the team never agreed upon, that he himself pockets and it leads to more craziness down the road. We can even get Sees-All-Colors and Shalidor or Neramo in on this for the Mage's Guild and Fighter's Guild to have some stake in it... This can quite literally be done in an arena faction, while incorporating older characters in a meaningful way to investigate a threat to Nirn that the three factions haven't done since the Vestige quest. I'd also happily have a second dungeon where we have Gilirion, Maj, and Urgalarg each tagging along with our team to show how serious the threat actually is, and we go deep into a dungeon where the ill-gotten gains from the casino are quite literally being fed into a greedy monstrosity that only grows in power the more it feeds. I would also love to hear their criticism/complements each time we die or do something right.
    Edited by Dr_Con on September 11, 2022 8:35PM
  • TaSheen
    Both? Poll needs a both or other option. I like interesting mounts to pair with outfits, hairstyles and the like. It's not really about displaying it to anyone but myself because I enjoy it.

    I tend to use a mount that isn't particularly flashy in pvp as being shiny has no benefit out there. I have some nice mounts I use in pvp because they're armored and look the part, which I enjoy.

    Not a fan of exploding animations on mounts but I do like elaborate, fancy armor.

    I'm not really casual either. I rp, quest, do housing, and I pve/pvp. I consider pve/pvp to be a part of how I build my characters personality, and gearing up/practicing is part of that for me. But I keep the roleplay aspect to my own thoughts and stories I write outside of the game. RP/Housing/Questing does not nessicarily mean casual, players from all playstyles love these things.

    Exactly. ALL of this (except pvp).

    [And no way would I buy a casino chapter @Dr_Con. I don't gamble even in games - I lived a long time in a state with wide open gambling, and the entire idea is abhorrent.]
    Edited by TaSheen on September 11, 2022 8:28PM
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  • Gythral
    Content - zones quests etc
    Less (in)balancing acts
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  • Blinx
    New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
    I usually buy hair, and some costumes, but lately it seems they've become sloppy or rushed, items have missing textures/colours/or horrible clipping
  • Androrix
    New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
    Oh absolutely clothes and more choices in the character creation screen. I do not need another blazing, skeleton, bugbear, heffalump mount.
  • jerj6925
    The rest of the game i cant get access to becuase I can never put in enough time for any alliance that will take a casual player. sure I have seen lots and lots of people say join our alliance were full of casual players and casual player friendly and everyone gets to take part in trials and other events... never works out to be true as most if not all already have a group they are used to just stick to, and thats fine I fully understand that.

    But for a real casual players most of the game will forever be locked away behind group content.
  • DocFrost72
    New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
    More Solo arenas, even solo modeled dungeons would be neat.

    Of the two options give me long hair and bushy beards please.
  • Kingsindarkness
    Vylaera wrote: »
    If you're a casual player, i.e. a roleplayer, quester, someone who does housing, etc., which would you rather the devs make more of?

    ZOS's target demographic for ESO appears to be the casual player. But character cosmetics are very few and far between aside from same-y body paints that are easy to make and throw in crates. Mounts and such seem to be made targeting PvP players, since that flasy mount is on full display while riding to the next keep.

    Though I could be wrong, so I decided to throw this poll together to be sure.

    Honestly what I want most of all is a story mode for DLC Dungeons and Trials. Something that scales, you could bring your companion, or a friend or two players and two companions.... In lieu of gear they could make them really dynamic with quest like interaction between you and your companion(s) and upon completion you get a rare cosmetic item or costume.

    I think most people could get on board with that and it would increase content for everyone by 20% at least.

    Aside from that Perhaps a Horse that danced in a disco suit with a sparkly ball rotation over his head?

    (Edited because I sometimes lose my thought train in mid sentience)
    Edited by Kingsindarkness on September 11, 2022 9:59PM
  • phaneub17_ESO
    3 companions at the same time! Having 2 or more companions active disables companion's experience gains, rapport changes, and reactions cannot be set to anything below normal; a small price to pay for having your very own party!
  • BretonMage
    New hairstyles, makeup, etc.
    Would LOVE more quests and companions above all else.

    But make up, character cosmetics and furnishings are nice too. We do seem to be a little short on hairstyles and makeup.
    Edited by BretonMage on September 12, 2022 1:52AM
  • MaraxusTheOrc
    Flashy glowy mounts that explode when you rear up.
    Think in game mounts that can be purchased for gold would serve as both a gold sink to combat inflation as well as a gesture of good will to the player base.

    They’ll never do it, but they really really should.
  • DreamyLu

    What I would like is that more treasure hunts and new funny achievements of the type "crime pays, give to the poor, ..." are added.
    I'm out of my mind, feel free to leave a message...
  • newtinmpls
    Smallish houses with smallish yards.

    More actual furnishings. Not plants, not weird statues.

    Wooden steps. Blankets fitted to beds that exist in game.
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    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • Snamyap
    The only cosmetic I can care about are the monster set styled weapon graphics thingies. Disco mounts are an abomination.
  • Kingsindarkness
    Snamyap wrote: »
    The only cosmetic I can care about are the monster set styled weapon graphics thingies. Disco mounts are an abomination.

    Really I mean who wouldn't want this as a pet?

  • FluffWit
    I've always been more into just normal looking stuff.

    So yeah, more variety of "normal" mounts, more haircuts- especially for male toons. More basic clothes I can play with at the outfit station. More basic furnishings for housing- curved counters, food that doesn't look like it belongs on Fear Factor.
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Well, actually I don‘ think of any gamer who spends several hours a day playing ESO as „casual“… no matter if they PvP, PvE, RP or decorate for five hours straight.

    That said, I‘d like to see
    - more eyes (and in their own category at that)
    - more costumes, perhaps even partial costumes
    - More mounts(flashy or not)
    - More content
    - More houses
    - More furniture
    - More hairstyles
    - more BG Maps
    - More pets
    - More Events
    - …. pretty much more of everything.
    PC EU.

    =primarily PvH (Player vs. House)=
  • FeedbackOnly
    I don't think either of these make you casual. The true end game is fashion and making that dream home, cave, bar, etc
  • cptscotty
    A better questing experience. I'd currently rank ESO at the bottom for questing experience when comparing to other MMO's.
  • bmnoble
    Both but would rather just get more quests and zones.
  • opalcity
    Follow-up quests would be nice. You go back to a place you visited before and meet someone you helped and check in what they are doing and how their story went.

    I've never understood why each region doesn't have its own unique mounts. They don't need to be fancy glowy things. Just a regular camel for alik'r, a polar bear for wrothgar, just basic horses with a slightly different skin that related to the region. There's something for collectors, and RPers, right there - and a guaranteed gold sink.

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