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Eyevea Isle incorrect

I find it funny that Eyevea is called a Summerset (High Eleven) Isle yet has distinctly Dark Elf Morrowind/Vvardenfell traits. Like next to none of the flora in Eyevea is specifically High Elven of Summerset, but Morrowind mushrooms and Morrowind (more Deshaan and Stonefalls area) trees (they might have flowers like some Altmer style tress but they have spikes/thorns riddled throughout)...its not Altmer lands at all. Which I feel is a bit lazy cuz Auridon was base game and those flora available. I feel Eyevea needs an update.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    It was part of the Shivering Isles for many years. I remember there were giant mushrooms growing there.
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  • Dr_Con
    Year 7, still can't fast travel to Eyeveya

    I guess they won't update it or make quests originate from there because it goes against the One Tamriel philosophy. So much potential.

    Oh yeah, talk with some of the altmer outside, there's even some bosmer who comment about the mushrooms. The choices are intentional.

    ...and why the hecking heck is my rank still adept.

    greetings adept
    how are you today adept
    you are a legend of the mage's guild, adept
    i erect a spine of honor... you gave us this gift of a safe haven away from the war... adept.

    they say it so much it sounds like they're mocking me.

    is this sheogorath's revenge? having everyone belittle me by calling me the rank 1 mage's guild passive?
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