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[suggestion] Custom Dungeons in our Homes

I wish we can custom design dungeons in the houses.
Imagine we have a tool with all the enemy NPC of ESO (like TES Construction Set), and people can come and play.
ZOS can make money with crown based NPC sales, we enjoy our custom dungeons ;-D
What do you think?
PC/EU @onnuk, Guild: ANADOLU "|H1:guild:29269|hAnadolu|h"
  • KilianDermoth
    Probably to much work for to less gain. So I doubt that this will happen ever.
  • MageCatF4F
    In the past, back before U35 when I had ESO+ , I (and many others as well) designed Parkour challenges and some elaborate puzzle scenarios in our houses, sometimes using EHT.

    A dungeon but without mobile enemies. I have used trap plants. But to the point -

    I'd settle for a "reward chest" that we could add to our house in which we could deposit an amount of gold, lootable by anyone, to serve as a reward to characters for completing our scenario. Perhaps with a once per account limit.

    They could probably do that much, and it would attract victims...err, I mean visitors.. to our houses.
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