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Rubedo leather and Ancestor silk

When doing my daily clothing writ I need to make armor out of Ancestor silk and other times I need to use Rubedo leather. I prefer to go the Rubedo route because I have more of that, is there a way to force the daily crafting writ to use Rubedo leather? Does Abandon, re-accept work?
  • Jim_Pipp
    It's on a set pattern, 2 days of ancestor silk, one day of rubedo leather.

    So if you abandon a daily writ, you will always get the same one that day. Every 3rd day will always be the leather one.
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  • sPark101
    thank you for the clarification !
  • HerrKeinTipp_MrNoTip
    Eventually your surveys will outpace your consumption.

    When I increase my toons I take a hit, and for some reason I haven't figured out, it seems to take longer to recovery than maxing clothing on the new ones should explain.

    Buying 1000 or so can be useful to help in situations like this, maybe more with many new toons.

    But yeh the moral is, you will definitely hit an equilibreum, and probably end up in excess.

    NB I do not collect surveys without all the right craft tree passives, and I do opportunistically harvest with the same during casual game play. If you don't yet have enough craft tree points to have the two main harvesting perks, this^ may not yet be true.
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