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This Drama Queen Would Like to Get on Her Soapbox About PvP Real Quick

A little bias disclaimer at the start. I don't prefer burst PvP metas, and I play magicka-focused characters. I am coming at this (perceived by me) issue from that lens and understand that everyone has a different take, however, this is my assessment of this patch for PvP so far.

Right now, the meta is very burst-oriented, and I think that also benefits stam-users more with weapon lines that have so much more packed into their skills. Burst has always had a critical and important role, but so did DOT builds. Today, DOTs hardly eat through healing or armor. The only DOTs in PvP that have any impact, pressure-wise, are dots like Burning Talons, Acid Spray, some proc sets like Unleashed Terror or Oblivion's Foe, and some ultimates. That's a bit of a stretch too in my opinion.

I am seeing that applied DOTs effectively do so much less, yet a single class heal or ground heal can out-heal one player's full DOT toolkit. Sets like Mara's Balm, which to ZOS' credit is getting reworked, have compounded with the patch changes to create this underwhelming environment for DOT builds. DOTs, though last longer and are efficient, are ineffective in PvP due to the changes. Critical passives for some DOTs, like Rapid Rot or Searing Heat, took huge hits (5% and 8%, respectively, off the top).

I don't think we need revert many of the patch changes (just rework sets like Mara, maybe adjust coefficients), but we do need to give DOT-users a tool to build into DOTs better. I thought about what exactly could be done? And I honestly arrived at a very simple answer: rework Malacath's Band of Brutality.

DOTs should be valuable only if you build into them, just like burst. I would ideally like to see Malacath get reworked as follows:

Equipping Malacath's Band of Brutality increases all damage over time abilities by XX%, but your critical damage is decreased by XX%

I would make the modifier larger than 16% as now, maybe larger than previously at 25%.
  • Miracle19
    nice title
  • Firstmep
    I think mara is also warping our opinions on dots right now.
    That being said there are dot builds out there that can still put out solid pressure, but I dont think pure dot builds are that great.
    Maarselok status effect builds can effectively turn of your opponents heal over time, but you still need burst damage behind it.

    Way of fire builds can also put out immense pressure and the longer dots also make the set even stronger than before.
  • OBJnoob
    Nerf maras, add a DoT boosting mythic, and buff the deadly strike set if need be. Sounds reasonable to me.
  • DrSlaughtr
    Malacath already boosts dot damage iirc.
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  • afkpro
    You and me have been playing the same game right? Eso? This is not a burst meta this is a tank meta 100%.

    in my short time playing this game (less than a year), tank metas have always been the thing even before u35. it's quite unfortunate and frustrating. i often do miss role identity in pvp. it doesn't seem like tank and healer builds give up anything as they still retain their dps burst-wise when fighting dps build counterparts.

    and i don't think eso is capable of ever bringing that sort of role balancing to pvp. there's too many sets and skills to think about...pve...pvp. it would take a massive amount of work and overhaul...something zos is clearly not willing to do.

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