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Game Crashing, Rubberbanding, Freezing - Try This

Are you experiencing game crashes, rubber-banding, freezes? After the launch of U35, for me these and the lag where my skills are delayed have returned to PC/NA, perhaps not as bad as it used to be before the server upgrades, but bad enough to be very frustrating.

I have been away from programming for a very long time. (I’ll depend on some of the younger programmers to correct me if I’m wrong). But it appears that whenever we experience these game effects, it looks like the system is flushing a buffer/memory, almost as if it overflowed a buffer and it is making corrections.

First observation: I was in a battle at Arrius one evening when our DC “frenemies” had faction stacked it and EP was faction stacked trying to defend. At one point, the game froze. I immediately took my hands off the keyboard and mouse and waited. It seemed like forever but was at most 3 seconds, the system became active again and I could move around. What I noticed was that my stats: health, magic, stamina were unchanged. (That seemed unlikely since I was surrounded by enemy players.) I was able to move and fire my weapons again. What I also noticed that some of my DC opponents were still frozen. (Of course I killed them – what would you do…). But it was like everyone in that particular grid inside Arrius was affected at the same time. Those that continued to try to move/fire or hit the keyboard in any way- crashed.

Since then – I have been experimenting. Whenever the game freezes, I stop and take hands off the keyboard. I wait for the game to respond. Sometimes I don’t react fast enough and my extra keystrokes after it freezes is enough to make me crash. But when I notice it, and stop, I have not been crashing.

Try this. See if it works for you. You could still die because of an enemy player's strike from outside your immediate grid, but then you can rez somewhere close, AND KEEP PLAYING. Anything is better than crashing and not being able to log in for 30 minutes or so.

It may be coincidence/luck on my part. But If I’m right, I hope this helps alleviate one of the major frustrations of this game for the rest of you.

For those of you on PC/EU, the lag is back PC/NA to a small degree, but it has to be better than what you have been experiencing with the older servers. Come to PC/NA. Your ping will be higher but our Oceania/Asia players are still very active in spite of the higher ping. At least you’ll get to experience PVP as it was meant to be until your servers are upgraded.

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