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Set consideration on a NB oakensoul bow build.

I've been loosely following this:

I'm curious to see if there might be something better than Plaguebreak as it seems more of a DoT. I was thinking Calurrions, but eh..that got nerfed pretty heavily. Any recommendations?
  • QuietPanda_22
    I've been running Scavenging Demise + Swamp Raider and Oakensoul with success. Although the proc on Scavenging doesn't always go off when it should, it still hits hard.
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  • DigiAngel
    Thank you...I will look at that. Also toying with the idea of Defiler...not sure yet though.
  • Unified_Gaming
    DigiAngel wrote: »
    Thank you...I will look at that. Also toying with the idea of Defiler...not sure yet though.

    I use way of the fire. Solo set and good mini burst and pressure with poison injection.
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  • DigiAngel
    I'll check that one out as well thank you.
  • fred4
    I'm quite fond of the Blackrose Bow, but that would change set choices and playstyle...
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  • goldenarcher1
    Swamp Raider+Spriggan's is a pretty solid setup with the oaken ring.

    The empower buff still works against npc's in cyro,which is nice when taking resources.
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