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Ranked Points Calculation

To start, I wanna say that I'm extremely happy with how things have been going with ToT and, more specifically, the cap that was implemented for ranked point gains/losses. That said, I do think the system could use a bit more minor tweaking just in the calculations for how much one gains for a win.

The impetus for this post is that I just played the same person in ranked three times in a row and had a net loss of 54 points despite winning 2/3 of our games. While I don't necessarily think I should have gotten +150 for both of the wins, the two wins combined should at a very least supersede the single loss. Something like a net gain of 40-50 seems more reasonable to me for winning 2/3 games against the same opponent when (relatively) evenly matched.
  • Dragonnord
    Can't really give an opinion without knowing what's the logic ZOS uses to give x points for winning.

    Maybe what they are doing is wrong, maybe it's right. Can't tell unless I know the base reason for that scoring.
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  • sekou_trayvond
    That's weird, Roo. Their one win must have bumped them up an algorithmic rung just enough to make your scoring weird. Or the opposite- your win dropped them precipitously, so when they come back and win- big points for them, not much for you when you return the favor.

    I'd love to see the algorithm underpinning the leaderboard but methinks that won't happen :)

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