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high isle blue tree furniture

can we have this tree furniture?i think we can buy them from furnisher :)
Edited by ZOS_Hadeostry on August 29, 2022 2:11AM
  • LikiLoki
  • katanagirl1
    Are they both the same tree? It doesn’t look like the larger one would be in the Lighting category for furnishings.
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  • FluffWit
    Surprised the tree one isn't available to purchase with crowns in the housing editor already. The potted one is a nice reskin of a craftable one from Markath dlc.

    Sadly housing got a really small selection of craftables this dlc. There will be structure related ones coming soon, and I think pc just got a set of gold blueprints added. But it still pales in comparison to the share volume of stuff that dlcs like Morrowind, Summerset, Elsweyr and Skyrim added.

  • Carcamongus
    High Isle dailies are already dropping structural furnishing plans. New gold plans are added whenever a dungeon DLC comes out.
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  • evymyu233
    LikiLoki wrote: »

    i have this,but this tree is very small.i want big blue tree
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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