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Hira's End and the Expert NPC in Deshaan (PS4)

Played a few games against the expert-level NPC in Deshaan and noticed something annoying. When the NPC played Hira's End, he got BOTH of the card's effects, 4 power and return 3 cards to the top of your deck from the cooldown. When this happened, he only had 2 Ansei cards: a green Ansei card that had a scroll on it (never seen it before and can't remember the name) that gave out one gold and Hira's End. At no time did the NPC combo these cards, in fact, I never saw the other Ansei card after round one. But, I saw Hira's End every single round after he picked it up, as if the "return 3 cards" was instantaneous and it returned Hira's End to the top of the deck.

After the first game (which I lost) I paid very close attention to what he was picking up and playing as I felt that I must have missed some combos or cards he picked up. Nope. I constantly checked his piles and there were only the weird one gold Ansei card and Hira's End. As you would imagine, this resulted in the eventual cycling of Hira's End and two other pretty strong cards, regardless of suit. This also only happened when the Patrons were Crow, Ansei, Pelin, and Hlaalu, with the NPC picking Crow and Ansei.

I've never seen this with any other NPC. This has to be a bug, right?

EDIT: the green Ansei card is "Mainland Inquiries:"

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