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Idea: Companion scrolls for writ vouchers

Leveling companions is grindy enough. It is great that their level is account wide, but the reputation with guilds and rapport with your characters is not. These two grinds are even more frustrating. Not to mention leveling weapon skills for companions takes ages.

I don't understand why tokens to level companions in guilds are restricted to event tickets. Seems like a an uninspired solution, because usually people want to use the tickets to buy collectibles, not consumables.

So, why not make use of the crafting system, and have certain scrolls that can be bought with vouchers, same like crafting research scrolls?

My idea is to have scrolls for companion xp (booster), guild level, rapport and weapon skill lines, available in the Mastercraft Mediator's store, or have a new separate assistant of his for that (there are already lots of items). Such items could also be craftable, maybe an xp booster potion/food for companions?

What do you think?
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  • HerrKeinTipp_MrNoTip
    I've enjoyed there addition in that they give me something to spend excess event tickets on, but I think your idea is solid. I don't really see the harm in them being tradable like that too?

    I really don't understand why they have made companion levelling such a grind to begin with there's probably not much chance of this...
  • mocap
    they will do it eventually, once the number of companion will exceed 6-8. As long as there are 4 of them, it's unlikely they'll do anything.
  • bmnoble
    They have purposely made them grindy so we spend more time in game on them.

    While I would like something like that available either for writ vouchers or gold, its far more likely they will put the solution to levelling up companions quickly in the crown store at some point in the future probably after they release a few more companions.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • katanagirl1
    I would appreciate some faster way to level them up in general. Most of my play is in areas I cannot use them - Cyrodiil and trials. I got Bastion to max level and I want to level up Isobel but I am still leveling up Mirri.
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