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Jewelry Crafter Writs: little reward for high cost to craft

Materials for Jewelry platings are hard to come by and enough platings to upgrade jewelry takes a long time to accumulate. So why does somethings so hard to craft offer such little reward? 29 writ vouchers for blue jewelry is not worth it at all. My inventory quickly fills up with master jewelry crafting writs that are not worth doing because I would rather use those mats for character builds than only get about 29 vouchers for blue jewelry.
  • tmbrinks
    I sell the purple and gold level ones (people buy them)... along with all gold level clothing, enchanting requiring hakeijo, and provisioning requiring perfect roe.

    The base-trait blue jewelry are actually not terrible to do if you are buying writ voucher items for your own use. There are better, but they can get you to your goal faster.
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  • etchedpixels
    Purple ones are really useful if you are getting going because you tend to have acquired enough purple mats along the way to do a few purple ones and get your six storage boxes, which lets face it is the only reason for most people to do masteer writs ;-)
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  • ghastley
    If you just let the grains trickle in from doing dailies, then they can all be worth doing. None are worth buying materials for, so I usually trash the bloodthirsty, harmony, or triune ones, as I never get the mats for those.

    The few purple or even gold writs I’ve done brought in huge numbers of vouchers.
  • redlink1979
    I just destroy the triune ones.
    Everything else can be aquired easily.

    PS - I never buy mats: all comes from jjust farming a bit while playing n collecting survey reports.
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  • HerrKeinTipp_MrNoTip
    I feel ya, but its the natural order of things. We all do, maybe even buy and do a bunch early...then we start maybe only doing certain ones (some have an ok return)....then we start just doing blue ones during double XP events and selling the rest....then we start trashing the blue ones.

    Nah, I agree. The drop rate should change as a worst case....better yet the vouchers should go up to match the market rates...unfortunately the market rates are so disprate from platform to platform this is probably never on the cards....either that or they could fix the 'bright idea' of jewelry's as bad as companion levels in terms of 'poorly thought out grind that helps no user nor the company'.
  • wolfie1.0.
    I have stored them in the hope that one of three things would happen:

    1: Zos would change the drop rate
    2: I would farm enough mats for the cost not to matter overly much.
    3: I would have enough gold for the cost not to matter overly much

    The first isn't gonna happen so I manage to fluctuate between 2 and 3.

    The only advantages that jewelry master writs have over others is that they don't require style page knowledge and total research knowledge is fast when compared to clothier and blacksmithing. Trait and improvement level is where all of the cost is.

    I only do them if I need vouchers and an exp boost together.
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