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Worst PVP since release.

As a release player, I am truly saddened by this state of CP pvp right now.

Battlegrounds and non CP is slightly better, but I’ll list some frustrations that I know others share, because there already a bunch of posts about these ;

- The bomb meta. Literally every.single.player. Is a bomber now with either a copy paste harmony necro or a plaguebreak whirling blades spam or some carve tank. It’s boring and it’s OP. Sure we can all just jump on that bandwagon and I don’t even blame the players who did, because it’s better than constantly dying to it, but that’s all that populates cyrodil now.

- sets do pretty much all of the work. Plaguebreak, vicious death, caluurions etc all seem to just do all of the work.

- Healing is cracked. No need for high resistances anymore when we can just spam 20k dragon bloods over and over. Since defile was nerfed into the ground, there’s no counter play to this.

- Occult overload gets it’s own mention. How drunk was the team when buffing this to over 3x it’s original value? 12800 is nothing in PVE so it’s not needed there, but it’s devastating in pvp, especially when it works on guards.

- We are punished for friendly players actions. Plaguebreak, vicious death and occult overload can one shot you just for being stood near a friendly player. These aren’t Zerg counters because the Zerg always uses them to dominate. They just ruin smaller groups even harder. This means we can’t stand near newer players to show them the ropes, and in some cases we can’t even stand near guards to defend a keep.

- Volendrung. Cool mechanic that was maybe intended to help the underdog of the campaign as the emperor can’t pick it up? But in reality the Zerg just gets it eventually and wipes the whole map even faster.

- dark convergence and rush of agony. Yes DC is annoying but players are slowly learning that ROA can be used twice as often, has no warning animation and can be spammed by a group for essentially a stun lock of pulls that don’t grant CC immunity. Things are about to get much worse when the groups all swap over from DC to ROA.

Pvp sucks right now. Not even talking about the server strength, lag or connection. The balance is just crazy. Every fight is just a mash up of over healed proc builds bouncing off each other until someone misses a block on a DC/ROA pull, then Plaguebreak or occult overload instantly wipes one side and it’s over in a second

Yeah this is a rant and I’m sour. I’ve put 8 years into this game and building communities such as FB pages, multiple guilds, a YouTube channel, twitch stream and more hours than I can count, but as a PvP main this current patch is just terrible - By far the worst since release.

As a player base we aren’t listened to whatsoever when we raise these issues because on PTS we tell you not to release oakensoul, or dark convergence, or rush of agony, and tone down plaguebreak + occult overload, and it all just happens anyway.

I know this will be overshadowed by the absolute mess of an update that U35 is with PVE but we pvpers aren’t asking for entire game overhauls, just to remove or tone down the game breaking stuff that kills variety.
Get rid of this boring bomb meta and stop all of the OP sets doing all of the work.
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  • deleted221205-002626
    As a release player, I am truly saddened by this state of CP pvp right now.

    - dark convergence and rush of agony. Yes DC is annoying but players are slowly learning that ROA can be used twice as often, has no warning animation and can be spammed by a group for essentially a stun lock of pulls. Things are about to get much worse when the groups all swap over from DC to ROA.

    They're already using ROA.!
  • xxslam48xxb14_ESO
    Literally everything you said is true. Zos needs to make this list their top priority, especially healing and bombing. I would rather have a bomb meta free cyrodiil with less healing if it came at the cost of more lag instead of what we have now. This obnoxious meta is in many ways worse then lag.
    I wrote a poem that I titled, "The ganker's delight."

    As you lay upon the ground, cry not little pawn.
    The pain will pass as quickly as my blade did take you,
    but my delight will last and you will respawn.
    My heart simply cannot contain my joy, when I ply my trade.

    The fault lies with you, your skill was lacking.
    Now your salt is mine forever, can't you hear the laughing?
    Once you were so proud and now you are reduced to this.
    A miserable, loud deuced fool.

    With every tear you drip, with every excuse you let slip.
    All of your insecurities and worries bring a smile to my lip.
    From your despair I have ripped endless glories,
    but our affair is over now. Be afraid for I will return for more.

    I have received many titles, to my allies I am The sniper Emperor and Grand champion hero of the Pact. However these titles mean little to me, it is the ones given to me by my victims that I prefer. To them I am "Xv1er", "trash", "no balls", "zerger", "noob", "cringe", "no skill", "camper", "100% new", "the reason this game is dying", "pathetic", "a sack of piece of [snip]", "mediocre", "absolute inbred", "beyond a virgin", "ganky dork", "fat smelly 40yr old virgin", "little girl", "daddy", "exploiting loser", and every [snipped] word known to man.
  • Olen_Mikko
    I too have played ESO pvp from the start and agree totally.

    But sad thing is, PvP playerbase is just too marginal and doesn't make money, so ZOS won't be bothered.

    They probably just wish people stop playing pvp and problem solves itself
    NB enthusiastic:
    1. Woodhippie stamblade - DW hard-hitter / PvE
    2. Know-it-all elf Magblade - Healer / PvE & PvP
    3. Hate-them-all elf Magblade - Destrostaff AoE monster / PvE
    4. Cyrodiil-Refugee stamblade - Stamina Tank / PvE

    Go dominion or go home

    Nightblade-Hipster. I played Nightblade before it was cool - from 1.5 onwards.
  • xDeusEJRx
    I tolerate occult overload, plaguebreak, dark convergence even though they are super toxic because without it some super zergs and faction stacks would go unchecked again.

    Last time we had any sort of bomb meta was in blackwood back when proxy detonation dealt massive damage no matter what group size they went against and you'd see bombers go and target solos like they're gankers. Bombing was super rampant then (probably because No Proc just ended and everyone started going back to pvp and the bombers were starved of bombing i guess).

    The introduction of the new proc sets added a new procalypse where everyone's a pseudo bomber now in order to effectively group wipe.
    Honestly if they nuked the current bomb sets, there would really not be enough damage to counter the tankiness and healing in game currently on live.

    Only reason no proc(Flames of Ambition) wasn't a full on tank patch was because new CP tree was introduced at the same time and not everyone was accustomed to the new CP but as time passed they just ran larger groups and you started to see people die less than in the first few weeks when everyone was adjusting.

    They had to introduce all this proc heavy crap because server zerging got too out of hand and now everyone is reliant on procs in pvp and we're in a second procalypse. But zos has never done anything to tackle the problems. If they killed the cross healing, pvp would be better (and no u35 healing changes doesn't fix the problem).

    I'm glad they nerfed healing in update but it'll still be a problem especially if people stack heals at different intervals, the 2 second tick rate won't matter if they're casted at different times anyways and tick at different times anyways. The more cross healing, the better off you will be. Which still makes healing too much of a problem.

    If healing problem is tackled I think it'd be fair to kill off the bomb meta for good but until we get a proper change for heal stacking the faction zergs will just be far too unchallenged in open world

    Solo PvP'er, GM of Holy Grail Seekers. PS4 NA player
  • deleted221205-002626
    I wish you guys would stop going on and on about dark convergence.. now its being nerfed to 25sec but its NOT the problem... The problem is RUSH OF AGONY! Does exactly the same thing, same range, little to no animation so u cant see it, 8sec cooldown and DOESNT apply cc immunity so DCON etc CAN hit u again 1 sec later and pull you back in for all the ults to go off on you. Thats the problem.
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