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Permanent character crashing in Reapers March…multiple toons now crash and won’t load

I have two characters now locked in Reapers March. Both are trials gear characters. Both are crafting toons. Both have all the gold available in my account. Both are needed for me to run trials in pve as all my trials gear mag/stam are on these toons. They are causing a cycle of permanent grey screen crashes now non stop and can’t be accessed. I can log into other characters just fine in other zones without any issues.

I’ve deleted backups. Restarted game. Restarted console. Turned off console. Logged onto other toons and tried logging back into the locked out toons. Nothing is working. I refreshed my internet because I know for some reason Zos will tell me to restart my internet as if that’s the issue. Please fix this asap this is a joke!!!!!!!
Edited by ZOS_Bill on August 24, 2022 2:23PM
  • fizl101
    Log a ticket with the details of the characters and ask them to move them. There is an issue in Reapers March near Arenthia that causes characters to bug out like that
    Soupy twist
  • ZOS_Bill

    As recommended above, please go ahead and open a ticket with customer support. If you've already done so, you can post your ticket number here.
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