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Minotaur origins

I refuse to believe st.alessia had a child with morihaus. it is heretical! IMO, belharza probably claimed to be the result of a union between them to claim legitimacy to the throne. And he met a deserving end, at the tips of elven spears.
It is for that reason i support Tyronius Liore’s work “The truth of Minotaurs”
Although i have a different hypothesis than him on their origin, rather than “spell or alchemical process gone awry”.
My hypothesis is that the minotaurs are the result of morihaus copulating with multiple cattle on the farms they passed by while on campaign during Alessia’s slave rebellion. As we know that minotaurs began to show up in greater numbers around that time. Minotaurs engage in cattle like behavior where the dominate male gets all breeding rights. It is impossible to reconcile the dramatic increase in population during the time of alessia’s reign, and the human reproductive cycle.
My belief is that morihaus laid claim to harems of dairy cows and when he left mundus, his son belharza took the throne after alessia’s passing, and then to cement his claim to the imperial throne he not only claimed demi-divine origin but also claimed to be heir of alessia. He then took both claims; the latter being false, and then began a propaganda campaign through out the land we now know as Cyrodil.

Please comment your thoughts and opinions on my hypothesis
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  • Soarora
    I agree that the whole thing is very... uncomfortable to think about, especially with the added information that there is more than one Minotaur. Did Belharza start undergoing mitosis? I guess that'd explain why most Minotaur are male and look the same. I think either there's a plot hole here or you're onto something. I suppose it'd depend on what Morihaus looks like himself... if he is Minotaur-shaped then who's to say the Minotaurs aren't just normal beastfolk with a propaganda curse? If he is bull-shaped then I'm not sure how Morihaus x cattle would give a bipedal figure. Based on what I was able to find, however, I think it makes sense if he is a very man-like bull-man and had child with cattle, resulting in the Minotaurs we know and love. That result does not make the visuals any less horrifying though.
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  • Grandchamp1989
    lolol you made me laugh OP xD

    "My belief is that morihaus laud claim to harems of dairy cows"

    Not sure if it's meant to be funny but lmfaoo

    Maybe this would be what they believe happened in Alinor xD
  • rexagamemnon
    @Soarora @Grandchamp1989 yes the origins of minotaurs can be somewhat disturbing. The idea of morihaus violating those poor heifers, it brings a tear to my eye. The minotaurs are my favorite beastfolk in TES lore. If only we could play as minotaurs or get a minotaur ploymorph, it would be dope. I already have my RP back story already worked out. My minotaur character would be “Sir Loin of Beef” the noble templar knight of protects the virtuous chastity and virginity of innocent dairy heifers across Tamriel from the minotaur patriarchy.
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