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New breed of bot in Craglorn.... IMPORTANT ZOS INFO

So there are some new types of bots I've found running around Craglorn. I followed a level 3 bot, not running in any particular path or pattern. He was argonian, had the same name the bots usually have ... for example "slighty_confused3" with a character name like "GHMAYEYSYDYA" (These aren't the exact names by the way, so no naming and shaming is taking place here... I just made these up on the spot)...However, he was Argonian (so not the usual naked Khajiit make) and appeared to have armor on.

He was INCREDIBLY fast... like, I have celerity, steed mundus and steed's blessing on my toon when I'm out farming - and I couldn't keep up with this monster. I also have keen eye on, but still could not beat this bot as it went swifty from node to node to node... in no set pattern. I followed it almost all the way around Craglorn. It was like a human player - only faster and better. It never kept agro for long either. Since he was so quick he outrun everything.

I checked the profile (and reported the player) and I could see the ESO account was merely hours old... so there would be no CP behind this toon... also no present buffs other than that of the armor being worn... which I suspect therefore would be crafted (probably adept rider and something else). But even with adept rider, I wouldn't have expected to be outrun with all my CP slottables... and a real player doing real farming would surely not create an alt just for this purpose?? They would only do so for fear of being banned - and you don't get banned for farming nodes if you're a real player... so clearly some exploiting is taking place... especially since they wouldn't have keen eye - and they were focusing ALL nodes... alchemy and runes included. Which is unusual for most bot farmers.

So what exploit have they discovered that Zenimax are clearly unaware about??? Hopefully this will be resolved soon - because with that level of exploitation, then no zone is safe from their blight on our Tamriel.
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