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Tamriel Homes (PC-EU) Guild Beginner Contest ''Summer Cottage''

Tamriel Homes: Beginner Contest ''Summer Cottage'' Deadline 28-08

It's summer, let's the beach, to the tropics, the forest, the mountains or wherever else decide to enjoy or hide from the season of Summer. Show off your summer cottage!

1st place - 3mil gold, 500 writs
2nd place - 2.5mil gold, 400 writs
3rd place - 2mil gold, 300writs
4th place - 1.5 mil gold, 250 writs
5th place - 1 mil gold, 250 writs

6-10- 500k, 2 purple main game plans or 1 dlc plan from the writ vendor

Raffle: 3x 200k for among all non-winners

Tips: Summer is different anywhere, so try to think of a unique perspective. You can choose yourself if you want to do interior, exterior or both.

-Keep in mind this is an in-guild contest, so you need to be present in-guild at least during the voting period, this is so that voters can easily visit your home. Feel welcome to ask for an invite, we are a very large PCEU guild with a trader each week (This week Riften), you can post there or send @sorries a mail in-game.
-Deadline is Sunday 28-08, voting period is 29-08 to 11-09
-You must use a Staple home, in the form they are all listed under the house question.
-Since it is meant for contest beginners, people who have previously won a prize in a housing contest or make commission houses are excluded. You can always just check by asking @Sorries , some wins can be exceptions due to low participation or prizes.
-The decorating is done by yourself, no EHT effects, no limit on special furnishings.
-House needs to be set to primary and accessible through the guild roster during voting

How to enter:
Fill this form in, that is it. If you want to update it send it in a second time and the first will be deleted
GM Tamriel Homes - PC EU
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