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House Nyssara - European Vampire Guild

  • SlachtungFyand
    @Pseudonym Yes, you are right ... "slaughter the enemies" I heard that in the movie King Arthur and thought it'd be a cool gamer tag, although it’s not an accurate description of my gameplay abilities, sadly. I’m working on it though.

    Thank you for correcting that. Much appreciated.
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  • AsheRayne
    Ok! Hadn't realized they were cross server, my bad lol
  • Pseudonym
    I'm sorry to inform everyone that the North American guild are no longer accepting applications via our website.

    European guild applications will continue to be reviewed as per usual.
  • TeliosMadronin
    So what happened to the NA side of things?
  • Pseudonym
    Hello Telios,

    The European and North American guilds are no longer affiliated with one another. I cannot say for certain, but I believe the North American guild is still running.

    This thread is now dedicated solely to the European guild, which is still recruiting!
  • ItsMeToo
    So what happened to the NA side of things?

    We never shut down either guild (EU or NA). We just went our separate ways. Why is between me and EU Leadership. I am still friends with their guild leader, Ysabel Nyssara.

    We are now two separate guilds with the same name, because the guild names can't be changed in game. We both have our own websites.

    I hope this answers your question.

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  • Ximple2307
    Soul Shriven
    I submitted an app on the site yesterday, but i havent heard anything yet...
  • rob_ber
    Application submitted ...
    Been here for too long
    PC EU

  • Maehbear
    Application Sent :D
  • wmundeyprb18_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    Is the EU guild still active? Because the website link is broken.
  • ryataki
    Soul Shriven
    I'm currently looking to join the blood family please send me a message psn. Crimsonfire666 my main is named ryataki all help would be greatly helpful.
  • Voodoo7942
    Soul Shriven
    I would like to join the guild.
  • SunshinyCashew
    Soul Shriven
    Hey I would like to be vampire bitten my gammer tag is SunshinyCashew I wanna be a part of a vampire guild and become a vampire let me know if you can help me!
  • Pure-Toxic
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm interested in becoming a vampire.

    PSN: Pure-Toxic

  • Donkey0978
    Hi. Vet 2 vamp nightblade on Daggerfall. Psn donkey0978
  • Pheonix115
    Soul Shriven

    I would really love to be part of this guild, I think it will be great fun and will be awesome to learn from other players. I am a new player to ESO but I would love to get stuck in and help the guild to grow and thrive. My ID is @Pheonix115

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Constantinos
    Soul Shriven
    I'm from ebonheart, i'm not yet a vampire but would definitly like to become one, and this guild sounds very interesting so would like to join if you got any room for a new player like me.

    UserID @Constantinos
  • Arfinius
    Soul Shriven
    I know I'm a bit late but am I still able to join?
  • Arfinius
    Soul Shriven
    My user ID for PSN would be Rochirion

  • Raziel2244
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite if you are still open! Would love to become a vampire, Thanks.
  • Silvervenom
    Soul Shriven
    I'm interested to join and become a Vampire. Daggerfall Covenant EU
    Daggerfall Covenant, Redguard, Nightblade, Vampire PL
  • lethal_lilith
    Soul Shriven
    Greets. I would love to join if you´re still active.

    Fell free to add me (active playing sorc vampire at EU / AD) @lethal_lilith

  • Rainbowzz
    Soul Shriven
    Would love to join. @Rainbowzz
  • Candurill
    Do you guys still exist? :p
  • tatsumarusan
    Guys, I'd love to be a part of it. ^^

    Already a vampire, but, first levels (still not having the option to bite).

    Can I be invited?

    My username is @Tatsumarusan, I'm in EU server.

    P.s.: i tought I should use the website but seems it's down...
  • maunoox
    Soul Shriven
    can i join
  • Tabsz
    Hi I would like to join and become a Vampire.

    My gamertag is Saalikh.
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