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nightblade vs dragonknight

Dear ZOS, Dear Developers...
a simple question: Have you ever been as a nightblade fought against a dragonknight? I don't think so. Otherwise the differences in balancing will be not incomprehensible.
  • ArgonianAustin
    Im not a ganker on my nightblade so i guess that makes me a brawler but most of these fights go like this, i run and cloak.
    Just a Lizard Man that plays ESO with my twin brother khajiit_kyle
  • MarieCurie0
    Soul Shriven
    As a nightblade fighting a dragonknight, you can stack 2 hots on your back bar. Try to save up your spec bow and ulti for when the dk is at like 40% health, you'll kill them. Source: Me as a magdk fighting magnbs who are unkillable on their bbs with 3 hots running but also hit me with 14k assassin's will. I've never hit anyone with a 14k molt whip, even when I run all damage.
  • Priyasekarssk
    Nightblade can beat any class in game. Fortunately most Nightblade are noob or semi noob. Don’t believe anyone who says a dk can beat a Nightblade. It’s impossible. DK is strong class and overpowered with certain builds. At max a DK a live through Nightblade burst on tanks set ups but can’t kill Nightblade.Dk power only in melee range and can be easily avoided by any competent Nightblade. Dk can easily kill Templar , warden, necro being melee focused. Sorc cannot kill dk but can escape if have good movement speed. But Nightblade can kill dk. Nightblade can stay outside of DK range , stay hidden and push insane damage by staying away from LOS either from sides or back.

    All dueling tournaments cloak is banned. Still Nightblade create havoc in dueling tournaments and in top 3. If cloak is allowed Nightblade is in disputable king of ESO PVP. Anyone who says Nightblade is bad in eso pvp should try other try other classes and fight against a competent Nightblade and post video. Unless Nightblade makes terrible mistake it’s impossible to kill a competent Nightblade especially on 1v1 on open world. Almost all ESO STREAMERS play Nightblade, because it’s best 1vx class. I know one Nightblade who secured 50 kills + in bgs. Kills are like eating snacks.
    Let’s take fengrush. He kills around 10 in his stam sor in bgs even with overpower crystal weapon not counting werewolf. But his kills with Nightblade are insane levels. Funny thing is he [snip] Nightblade in all his streams. Now he is telling if you cannot beat them join them 😀😀😀

    [Edited for Profanity]
    Edited by Psiion on July 31, 2022 12:35AM
  • mariuszeb17_ESO5
    Nightblade can beat any class in game. Fortunately most Nightblade are noob or semi noob.

    Oh really? I want see how you PRO kill good DK in pvp campaign without proc.
  • MEBengalsFan2001
    Welcome to PVP where bugs, glitches, and players abusing broken sets or skills take advantage of other players.
    Edited by MEBengalsFan2001 on July 29, 2022 3:20PM
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