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Dwemer and Daedra interactions?

Did the Dwemer have much interaction with Daedra and vice versa?

What if:

They allied...?
or warred?



  • Dracan_Fontom
    Based on lore, Dwemer society actively mocked the idea of worship and gods as a whole. While some might have engaged with them as exceptions, I think as a whole most Dwemer would have rather keep to their own agendas rather than be influenced by the Daedra. However, I could see them experiment on daedra. For use in their technology or magic. We also know at least one Dwemer traveled through Oblivion - but traveling and interaction doesn't necessarily combine.
  • Ratzkifal

    This is a good anecdote on the subject.
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • Zama666
    @Dracan_Fontom that is what I was thinking - the Dwemer would experiment on them.
    Daedra don't die (well physically) ...thought they might be interested in that.

    @Ratzkifal - loved that tale!

    Two of my favorite groups.

    A Daedric automaton would be AWESOME!
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