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In which order should I play the expansion/DLC zones?

I have finished the main story content for each alliance, now going to start with the DLCs and other additional zones like Craglorn/Elsweyr, etc.

However, I want to play them in chronological order. For example, I know that the events in Morrowind happen before Summerset as we are supposed to re-encounter some of the Morrowind NPCs and there is a continuation to their storylines, so I would play Morrowind before Summerset. I also realize that some chapters may be completely independent of the former zones and in my case can be played in any order, I would also like to know which chapters that would be. Can someone who is into the lore give me a timeline for all the expansion/DLC zones?
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  • SpaPooP
    Don't know if it's posted somewhere here but this is on ESOReddit:

    ESO's Beginner's Guide for Story Purpose (v4) by Bengamey_974 -

    ESO Content Timeline - High Isle Update 8.0 (and beyond) by Theyn_Tundris -
  • Carcamongus
    The order in which new zones were released is as follows (hopefully my memory will stand firm!): Craglorn, Imperial City, Orsinium (Wrothgar), Thieves Guild (Hew's Bane), Dark Brotherhood (Gold Coast), Morrowind (Vvardenfell), Clockwork City, Summerset, Murkmire, (Northern) Elsweyr, Dragonhold (Southern Elsweyr), Greymoor (Western Skyrim), Markarth (Reach), Blackwood, Deadlands and, finally, High Isle.
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  • Thormar
    Google search "uesp eso quests"
    and take it from there.
    Happy questing.
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  • Nestor
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  • Zodiarkslayer
    Do it Z to A. Or A to Z. Doesn't matter. All content is playable in any order. All quests are written in a way, that this is possible.

    And you are not missing out on any content if you skip something and return later.

    However, two tipps. First, there are quest lines that get continued in reference, but are still standalone. Completing both sometimes unlocks additional content. Use to learn which.
    Second, most zone quest lines have an endquest, where much more people will be present, if you finished all sidequests in the respective zone first. If you are a quester/roleplayer that might be important to you.
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  • SerasWhip
    All the answers have been very helpful, thanks everyone.
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