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[RP Housing] Evergloam Community Housing Project - Join in!

Some people know me, some don't.

I'm the guildmaster for the almost 4-years active guild Kråke Clan and owner of the Markarth Nocturnal Temple Hub, which exists for the goal of giving all sneaky and shadowy Nocturnal-following characters a place to meet and coordinate with each other, be it forming alliances, planning heists, looking for information, or just enjoying a drink somewhere they don't have to be so secretive about who they are and what they do (or who they worship!)

Well, as part of that vision to bring Nocturnal-aligned characters and players together, I wanted to propose a little something to that end.

Thus, the idea of the Evergloam Housing Project was born.

To put simply, the goal of the project would be for different players in the community to create houses which exist within or connected to the planes of the Evergloam itself in some capacity. Not just seedy outlaw dens or dank thief hideaways (although you are free to advertise those on our discord as well!)

The intention of these locations would be to have them open to the general public of the roleplay community and to create different areas of the Evergloam with the intention of roleplaying within them. These can be anything from old ruins to cult villages to nondescript forests or sacred sites of veneration towards the Daedric Prince Nocturnal.

Presently we have two houses towards this project, created by myself, but we are looking for more people to step up and join the community with their own projects towards the same end ; that being, to create a thriving niche for Nocturnal roleplay!

If you'd be interested in being part of this project, you can join our discord here:


Markarth Nocturnal Temple:
A Temple to the Mistress of Night and Daedric Prince, Nocturnal. Founded and owned by the Kråke Clan, known in the Reach and Skyrim for having aided in the crisis involving the Gray Host and Harrowstorms, and said to be working as agents under the Ard of Markarth since then. Its much more than simply a place of worship, but also a tavern for those who prefer to walk in the dark, and a staging ground for organizing illicit affairs. After all, what better way to venerate the Prince of Thieves than to plot and scheme the next big heist with others of similar repute?

The Bird-Baths:
A relatively peaceful niche of the Evergloam, for those who align themselves to it and the Mistress of Shadows, Gloam residents and mortals alike can enjoy safety and relaxation in the bubbling springs and pay homage to the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Though, they may have to share a bit of space with some of the many loud-mouthed crows and other creatures that lurk in the thick, shadowy forests just beyond. Take care on the murky path back through jagged cliffs and under the tree canopies...
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