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Potion Pre Buff?


I usually potions to save me - but usually end up dying...but makes the fun last a little longer...
Mostly for health.

But would I ever pre buff with a potion? Any ones that bolster health in advance?


  • Akinos
    depends on the potion, if it has health you should save for an emergency burst heal. other pots that don't have health on it yes you can pre buff depending on what it is and the situation. I pre buff spell power detect mag pots if there are nightblades around.
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  • OBJnoob
    Lots of people prebuff with potions, the most common reason being those that get their Major brutality/sorcery from them. Another good example being anyone running clever alchemist. For you? I don't know of any with health benefits, but maybe you should look into armor pots. You can craft potions that'll increase your spell and physical resistance by 5 or 6k and yes it stacks with your normal buffs.
  • EF321
    There are potions that give instant heal with major fortitude + major vitality + long heal over time:
    Mother of pearl + blue entomola + butterfly wing

    But since you want to prebuff, instant heal and health recovery component is a bit of a waste, so replace entomola with bettle scuttle, and you will get minor protection instead.
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