New ideas for Imperial Furnishing

As a fan of the Imperial theme, I wish they would bring out more furnishing content for a race that is totally neglected in the game.
Years ago they removed all the Colovian theme, and nothing more has been heard of it, but why don't they give us these tents? We only have one, but it's the commander's and it costs 1000 crowns, it's not worth it.
Also, where is the option of being able to give a military touch to the houses that are fortresses? We cannot put anything minimally military in the houses apart from siege machines, it would be nice if you could please put armory options, I am not saying mannequins, but something as simple as armories with the theme of each race, straw dolls to train, stakes, wooden towers like in Cyrodiil, something that gives us something to have fun with those of us who like furnishing as a military theme.pf7apt3z4lcp.png
  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    I agree completely, more-so once i got Pantherfang, an armory would just be perfect.

    There are a few imperial furnishings still around, but there are also a good amount of non-imperial specific but red/gold items that fit pretty well. As for military'ish stuff, it was a hated and terrible thing to do for me, but i ground my way to the PVP siege equipment so i could use some of those.

    It's been requested for years to have weapon and arm racks, archery targets, dummies, and the like for just what your asking, but its never been answered as to why we haven't or if we ever will (to my knowledge).
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