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Weapon furnishings

One feature for housing I’m disappointed has not been included even in the most basic racial options is the ability to craft housing weapons for display. Even in the open world zenimax puts weapons out on racks and shelves for display purposes but we still don’t have that option. I feel like this is something that could easily be implemented for housing when the items already exist in the visual capacity already. I would love for the special weapons from the crown store to have a toggle on and off option for special display purposes
  • Nestor
    We have been asking for a way to display weapons since Housing released.

    Last time I checked, there are 8000 plus set items some of which have unique styles, then there are what, 100 plus motifs, multiplied by each item that can be made?

    Even limiting it to weapons, and only motif and unique set motifs, and of course the Set Styles and Monster Set looks, they would have to make a few thousand statics for Houses to be able to display a selection of weapons as each player would have their own choices.

    Quite a daunting project I would imagine.

    Would be nice to have Mannequins and Racks though.
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  • katanagirl1
    I’d be ecstatic if they offered just one type of these - weapons rack, archery target, the straw target dummy, one of those shield and crossed swords things to hang on the wall, I don’t know if they have a special name. Of course more would be better but anything is a start.
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